Wednesday, December 7, 2011

COE prices for cars fall

Premiums for certificates of entitlement (COEs) for cars fell at the end of Wednesday's open bidding exercise.

Prices for small cars (1,600cc and below, and taxis) dipped to $52,392 from $54,887 in the last bidding in November, a 4.5 per cent drop.

The open category, usually used for cars, also saw a two per cent dip to $75,889 from $74,340.

The biggest drop was reserved for the big car category (above 1,600cc). Prices fell 6.5 per cent to $72,350.

Commercial vehicle premiums slided marginally to $40,189 from $40,009.

Motorcycle premiums did not move much at $1,902 from $1,889, a 0.7 per cent change.

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