Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NTU undergrad falls to his death 7 hours after partying

She last saw him at the Avalon nightclub shortly after midnight on Saturday.

According to her, Mr Ong Jian Kai, 22, was his usual jovial self, partying the night away as he danced and laughed with his friends inside the swanky Marina Bay Sands nightspot.

That was why she could not believe the news when she found out through a mutual friend via Facebook on Sunday that he had died.

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) undergraduate fell from his flat on the ninth floor of Block 553, Choa Chu Kang North 6, reported Chinese-language evening paper, Shin Min Daily News.

The incident happened at 7.30am on Saturday - just seven hours or so after she had seen him. "I could not believe it. He was so happy when I saw him just hours before," said the woman, who told The New Paper that she works at the popular club.

The 21-year-old woman, who declined to be named, said she got to know Mr Ong about six years ago through a social networking and online game known as Habbo Hotel.

She said that he was a very "genuine" person.

"He was a very nice person and I've never seen him get angry," the petite young woman told TNP at Mr Ong's wake at Choa Chu Kang on Sunday night.

"I'm shocked that he's gone," she added.

Shin Min reported that a maid, who was identified only as Jenny, said that a friend of hers, also a maid, had told her she saw Mr Ong shortly before he fell.

According to her, the maid allegedly saw him climbing out of a kitchen window.
He smiled at her when their eyes met, she said.

Shocked, the maid asked him why he was acting in such a dangerous manner.

Mr Ong then told her that he was just trying to open the window, she said.

But it was reported that Jenny's friend's did not see him fall.

Shin Min also quoted another neighbour, known only as Mrs Lim, who said she heard a loud sound at around 7am.

The woman added that she felt sad for the Ongs when she realised that their son had fallen to his death.

Mr Ong was reportedly seen wearing a white top with a pair of red trousers when the incident happened.

A police spokesman said the police received a call about the matter at around 7.35am on Saturday.

Officers arrived at the scene and found Mr Ong's body at the foot of the block of flats.

The police have classified the case as an unnatural death and are investigating.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force also received a call about the incident at around the same time.
It said that paramedics pronounced Mr Ong dead at the scene.

Music lover 

The Facebook page of Mr Ong, who studied Materials Science and Engineering at NTU, revealed that he was a music lover with an eclectic taste spanning different genres including indie rock, electronic and jazz.

His Facebook page is also filled with many pictures of bands performing live.

When TNP visited Mr Ong's wake on Sunday evening, there were some 40 people there.
Most of them appeared to be young people below 25 years old.

All came sombrely dressed in either black or white, and they sat around makeshift tables at the void deck of the block, speaking to each other in hushed tones.

About 10 of his schoolmates were seen arriving together at around 8pm and they stood with their heads bowed before Mr Ong's coffin before making their way to a nearby table.

Some broke away from the group and one by one made their way to an altar to burn some joss sticks.

Mr Ong seemed like a young man who was well loved by his friends and family, judging from the steady stream of visitors at his wake.

TNP tried speaking to a family member, a slim teenage girl, but she gave a weak smile and said: "I'm sorry, but we've got nothing to say."

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