Friday, August 31, 2012

Teachers, education support staff get pay rise

SINGAPORE: Schools across the island celebrated Teachers' Day in advance on Friday, and for many educators, it's an extra special occasion this year.

Some 26,000 teachers and 500 Allied Educators (AEDs) will get a pay raise starting September 1.

The Education Ministry said the adjustments will ensure the salaries keep pace with the market and match their roles and responsibilities.

The last pay revision for teachers was more than four years ago.

For Allied Educators, this is their first pay review since the scheme was created in 2009.

Teachers will get an 8 per cent increment - which means a rise of up to S$550 for teachers, and S$830 for senior teachers.

Allied Educators' salaries will go up by 5 to 15 per cent, which is an increase of up to S$700.

Kelda Chan, an allied counsellor at Anderson Secondary School welcomed the move.

"I feel that is how MOE actually sees and recognises our work and our effort in school, and I'm just thankful that they feel (our work) is just as important as that of a teacher."

Mrs Constance Loke, Principal of Haig Girls' School, said: "I'm glad to hear about the salary revision. But at the end of the day, we do what we do because we love the children and we have a passion for making a difference in their lives."

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat said on his Facebook page that he is pleased that the ministry is making the salary adjustments.

Ng Wei Da, a teacher at Anderson Secondary, is one of many who hope to get more support from the ministry, in terms of managing their workload and professional development.

"Recently, the PM mentioned about work-life harmony during the National Day Rally, and I think a lot of teachers are also facing this problem."

Ms Chan said: "I would really like to contribute more to the school, but I think it'd be great if we're able to be equipped with a higher level training or education for us, post-graduate studies to be exact."

The chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education, Mr Lim Biow Chuan, said the ministry's move is timely.

"Currently what we have is a tight labour market, and the experience is that every time we have a tight labour workforce, the teachers do feel a certain amount of attraction to want to try and see whether they will perform better in the private sector. I don't think it's wise for us to wait for that to happen," he said.

Mr Lim said it's important to ensure teachers are paid competitively to better retain them.

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