Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Small car COE breaches $92,000 mark

SINGAPORE - The COE premiums for small cars (up to 1,600cc) breached the $90,000 mark, finishing the year's first bidding session at $92,100.

This is up 12.4 per cent from last month's bidding where prices ended at $81,889.

Prices for big cars in Cat B (above 1,600 cc) also reached a new high, ending at $96,210. The previous record-breaking price was $94,502 in August 2012.

Premiums for motorcycles and the open category (used for any vehicle type but used mainly for luxury cars) also saw increases from the previous session that ended on December 19.

COEs for motorcycles will now cost $1,933, up from $1,701 while prices in the Open Category rose to $96,101, up from $95,990.

There was some relief in the commercial vehicle category with prices dropping to $60,000, down 3.5 per cent from last bidding's $62,201.

Jan 2013 - First bidding
Category Jan 09 prices Dec 19 prices
Cars (1,600CC below) $92,100 $81,889
Cars (above 1,600CC) $96,210 $93,501
Commercial vehicles $60,000 $62,201
Motorcycles $1,933 $1,701
Open category $96,101 $95,990

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