Sunday, September 11, 2011

Manage your finances with these apps

Recent times have shown how important it is to keep on top of your personal finances and keep track of where all your money is going.

This can be a tiresome process with lots of outgoings and different things to pay for.

The online magazine Product Reviews has listed new tools to help you manage your personal finances - namely, Android and iOS apps: Personal Finance

Available free on both Android and iOS, the app allows users to track and budget their money on the go from their mobile devices.

It allows users to view all their accounts in one place, enabling them to take control of their finances.

They can also check their savings, credit cards as well as retirement plans and the app will automatically pull in categorised transactions daily.

Users can create manual transactions to keep on top of cash spending, and also create a budget plan that is based on actual spending.

The app is protected with a unique four-digit PIN in case the user's cellphone falls into the wrong hands. To find out more or to download, hit the App Store or Android Market.

My Finances

An app for iOS devices, it could be the best program for managing your personal finances.

Users can record all of their expenses and incomes with reports provided in great looking charts. It has a simple to use and intuitive interface, and can even give a quick overview of monthly expenses.

Its other great features: Icons can be customised for expense categories; users can create, delete, edit and record expenses by category; and, users can edit all data at any time. Financial data can also be easily backed up and restored and the application has password protection.

My Finances is available worldwide at the App Store for US$1.99 (S$2.40).

Personal Ledger

Another free app for Android users, it allows them to keep track of everyday transactions.
Users can edit, log, save and view transactions, and the app has PIN and password protection.


A free app for Android users, it is an electronic cheque book that allows for the daily checking of everyday expenses.

Expenses can be filtered by account, category or date, and viewed in graphs to see if a user is keeping to budget targets. Data can be backed up to an SD card.

Budget Tool

A free app for users of iOS devices, it not only helps users keep track of finances, but also offers tips to cut spending and save money. Users can easily track overspending in specific areas.

There is also the option to export spreadsheet-compatible reports via e-mail to help view monthly spending.

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