Wednesday, September 5, 2012

COE down for all categories except small cars

SINGAPORE - Certificate of Entitlement (COE) premiums dropped across the board with only Cat A cars below 1,600cc seeing an increase.

Prices rose 1.7 per cent to $68,000, up from $66,889 from the last bidding two weeks ago.

Motorcycles saw the biggest decrease of 10.5 per cent with premiums dropping from $2,013 to $1,801.

Cars above 1,600cc in Cat B also dipped to $80,191, down 8.9 per cent from $88,002 a fortnight ago.

Premiums for the Open category, which is usually used for cars and is transferrable, also slid 6.4 per cent, ending at $87,999. This is lower than the last bidding's $93,990.

Commercial vehicles saw the smallest decrease of 3.4 per cent to $57,334. This is down from the previous $59,334.

Sept 2012 - First bidding
Category Sept 5 prices Aug 23 prices
Cars (1600CC below) $68,000 $66,889
Cars (above 1,600CC) $80,191 $88,002
Commercial vehicles $57,334 $59,334
Motorcycles $1,801 $2,013
Open category $87,999 $93,990

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