Saturday, September 22, 2012

S'pore govt launches 'myth busting' websites

The Singapore government has launched a new section on its official website that is designed to give answers to hot topics as part of its 'myth busting' initiatives, reported The Straits Times.

Called 'Factually', its purpose is to address questions that have arisen over controversial decisions. Since May, it has collected a series of primers on hot topics.

For instance, the very first question it addressed was whether a family with a $1,000 monthly income would be able to afford an HDB flat.

Topics range from transport, housing, COE, debt levels, procurement, and even the national reserve.

According to the paper, a spokesman for the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (Mica) said that the section is meant to be 'a convenient, central and credible platform' for a summary of key facts on certain policy decision.

Apart from this, the Housing Board has also launched a new website called HDB Speaks (, which, as its tagline states, lets you 'Get the facts on the myths of HDB'.

Its sections deal with topics such as HDB for singles, $1 million flats, COVs, and subletting.

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